- Flutter Responsive Design

This is a must know for every Flutter developer! Since Flutter is a cross platform framework, dealing with different screen sizes smoothly is essential

- GestureDetector (Widget of the Week)

Looking to track all sorts of user interactions on your app? Try GestureDetector! …

- AppFlowy.IO

⭐️ The Open Source Notion Alternative ⭐️

- Flutter + Clean Architecture + ModelViewPresenter

I decided to dismiss BloC and looked up what else other Flutter developers nowadays use and I found dozens of different state management libraries and all try to solve the same thing but offer different APIs by Martin Nowosad

- ​​Flutter Update: App Monetization

We want to help…

- magic_sdk

Magic empowers developers to protect their users via an innovative, passwordless authentication flow without the UX compromises that burden traditional OAuth implementations.

- CachedNetworkImage (Package of the Week)

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but is it worth 2,000? Use CachedNetworkImage to stop re-downloading images in your Flutter apps 🌄💙

- Push Notification In Flutter and Firebase

In this tutorial, we will…

- Shift You: an app for hospital workers

Today is the first official day of Shift You, a calendar app for hospital workers. In this article, we will walk through the features that the app has already implemented and what will implement in the near future. by Vincenzo Palazzo

- Farmassist

Farmassist is a smart farming app for IoT and…

- Announcing Monarch 1.6

Hello from Monarch! This is issue 1 of our newsletter, Monarch Minutes. We hope you enjoy the updates.

- serveme

ServeMe is a simple and powerful modular server framework. It allows to easily create backend services for both mobile and web applications.

- The app experiment: — 01. What I’m planning to build

Recently I’ve completed goal 1 of the 2 big goals…

- Creating a Game Like Minesweeper in Flutter

Explore Flutter’s capability to create game UI and logic by learning to create a game like classic Minesweeper.

- TabPageSelector (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Need to add progress indicator dots to a wizard or series of pages? If so, try the TabPageSelector widget!

- Desktop performance deep dive: Flutter vs Electron

In the cross-platform world, Flutter and JavaScript are top choices among devs…

- perfect_freehand

Draw perfect pressure-sensitive freehand lines.

This package exports a function named getStroke that will generate the points for a polygon based on an array of points.

- Get free access to Flutter Apprentice

Flutter is partnering with Razeware, the team behind the Ray Wenderlich tutorial series, to provide free, online access to Flutter Apprentice.

- go_router

The goal of…

- Using Appwrite with Flutter: A tutorial with examples

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to develop a Flutter App with Appwrite.

- font_awesome_flutter

Looking for new icons that Material doesn’t offer? Font_awesome_flutter package provides 1000s of customizable icons for your app and offers the same developer experience as Material’s icons.

- Building a production ready Flutter Web App

We recently published the web app for Dropzone Plus…

- scribble

Scribble is a lightweight library for freehand drawing in Flutter supporting pressure, variable line width and more!

- Flutter starter project 🚦 📱 💻 🖥️

a template with best practices for starting a new app or becoming familiar with the architecture of our projects

- Using Flutter with Supabase

This example provides the steps to build a simple user management app (from scratch!)…

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