- native_drag_n_drop

A package that allows you to add native drag and drop support into your flutter app.

- From Native to React Native to Flutter

This post covers our journey and experiences with each of the frameworks, and why we finally bet on Flutter even when it was bleeding edge alpha technology. It also illustrates the thought process and…

- flip_widget

Flip your widget.

- EZ Tickets Cinema App

EZ Tickets is an app made with Flutter framework to provide online ticket booking functionality.

- Flutter Todos Bloc Library Tutorial

In the following tutorial, we’re going to build a todos app in Flutter using the Bloc library.

- loading_animation_widget

All loading animation APIs are same straight forward. There is a static method for each…

- Flutter Puzzle Hack

Develop the most creative yet solvable slide puzzle you can imagine, targeting Flutter on the web .Prize Money — $50,000 worth of prizes

- NEUMORPHISM DESIGN • Flutter Tutorial

Flutter Neumorphic Design Example

- Flutter BLoC (v8): How to Fetch Data From an API?

In this blog, we will see how to make an API call by using BLoC Architecture. If you remember all the way…

- unusable_player

Unusable player is a mobile music player devlopped in Flutter. It’s a portfolio project, it’s not mean to be used in real life. Its focus on visuals instead of usability and performance, that’s why the project is called “Unusable Player”.

- glassmorphism_widgets

This package allows you to easily create a Glassmorphism UI.

- MIX: A tool for building design systems in Flutter

- Announcing Flutter 2.8

Just in time for the holidays, today we’re announcing a big update to Flutter, with a number of new features and improvements that refine the experience for mobile and web developers and bring us closer to stable support for desktop. by Tim Sneath

- Mooltik

Animation studio in your pocket

- graphic

Graphic is…

- Flutter Responsive Design

This is a must know for every Flutter developer! Since Flutter is a cross platform framework, dealing with different screen sizes smoothly is essential

- GestureDetector (Widget of the Week)

Looking to track all sorts of user interactions on your app? Try GestureDetector! …

- AppFlowy.IO

⭐️ The Open Source Notion Alternative ⭐️

- Flutter + Clean Architecture + ModelViewPresenter

I decided to dismiss BloC and looked up what else other Flutter developers nowadays use and I found dozens of different state management libraries and all try to solve the same thing but offer different APIs by Martin Nowosad

- ​​Flutter Update: App Monetization

We want to help…

- magic_sdk

Magic empowers developers to protect their users via an innovative, passwordless authentication flow without the UX compromises that burden traditional OAuth implementations.

- CachedNetworkImage (Package of the Week)

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but is it worth 2,000? Use CachedNetworkImage to stop re-downloading images in your Flutter apps 🌄💙

- Push Notification In Flutter and Firebase

In this tutorial, we will…

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